“Bridge to Terabithia”

bridgetoterabithia.jpgJosh Hutcherson
AnnaSophia Robb
Robert Patrick
Bailee Madison
Zooey Deschanel

PG           96min           2007

“Bridge to Terabithia” is based on the book by author Katherine Patterson. Jesse (Hutcherson), a closed and unimaginative boy meets Leslie ( Robb), an open and imaginative girl who opens his mind to the possibilities of the imagination and a friendship that changes them both.

This is an imaginative film that is very moving at the heart of it. At its core it is about friendship and the power of imagination. This is a cute film that all the family can enjoy. It really is a timeless movie by Walt Disney that can be cherished forever.

“Bridge to Terabithia” is a film about friendship and the power of the imagination. Jesse and Leslie are opposites drawn to each other and pull qualities out of each other while building a powerful friendship. Together the forge a friendship that leads to the creation of the world of Terabithia.

The innocence and the imagination of the characters are powerful and great lessons for children and a reminder to the adults watching. It’s an exciting and entertaining film to the children and the child in the adults watching. It’s a film that will meet your expectation. If you haven’t read the book then you will also have a few surprises.

“Bridge to Terabithia” a film still in the rein of the tales from Walt Disney. Which makes it appealing and appropriate for all ages. When listening to the producer and actors commentary you realize just how mature the actors are. They take on how the approached there characters, a positive commentary that can be listened to.

This DVDs is full of many bonus features. It has two audio commentaries one featuring the director, writer and one of the producers; the other has the other producer Lauren Levine, and the two main actors, Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb. It has two featurettes about bringing ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ to life and the themes of the book. It has a music video ‘Keep Your Mind Open’ by star AnnaSophia Robb. It features movie previews for ‘Underdog’, ‘The Judge Book’, ‘Meet the Robinson’ and High School Musical: The Concert’.

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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