“Black Snake Moan”

blacksnakemoan.jpgSamuel L. Jackson
Christina Ricci
Justin Timberlake
S. Empatha Merkerson
John Cothran Jr.
David Banner
Michael Raymond-James

R           116min           2006

A God-fearing blues man (Jackson) facing faithless time in his life finds an unconscious young woman (Ricci) who he finds out she is a nymphomaniac. He decides to help the young woman and in the process helps himself find his faith again.

“Black Snake Moan” is another daring film from the writer and director of “Hustle and Flow”, using another musical form as a backdrop to tell as stirring film. Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci superbly act in this film. Craig Brewer set his film in Tennessee where Lazuarus’s (Jackson) action are still taboo today.

This time around blues is the backdrop to a tale as gritty as “Hustle and Flow”. It’s moving and it hits major emotional highs. These characters are struggling to keep their heads above water not only emotional but spiritual as well. You feel their pain and confusing that they are facing in their lives.

The blues is the musical voice of “Black Snake Moan”. Samuel L. Jackson learned to play the guitar for this part and when he sings ‘Black Snake Moan’ you feel the impact of the song. This is in no small part to the acting of Jackson and Ricci.

Jackson transforms himself into Lazuarus and Ricci is believable as Rae. You see how troubled these characters are and how much the past has affected them. They are both trying to over come the betrayals in their lives, and it comes across not only in the verbal but their non-verbal as well.

I watched this film and I truly believed that they could help each other find the other side of their pain. Christianity and soul searching has a prevail part in this film and I hope that you, the viewer, will not hold it against this film. “Black Snake Moan” is one of better films of 2006.

I give it 4/5Gs.


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