rain.jpg Brooklyn Sudano
Faye Dunaway
Robert Loggia
Khandi Alexander
Giancarlo Esposito
Bret Anthony

Unrated 102min 2005

When a young woman (Brooklyn Sudano), musically gifted, witnesses her sisters murder her life is endangered and her mother (Khandi Alexander) reveals a shocking secret to save her life. When she is sent to her grandmother’s home and enters into a prestigious private school her musical talent is given a place to shine.

This is an ok film. I like the message that this film was trying to portray but you definitely a low budget feel. Brooklyn Sudano has strong musical talent and an amazing supporting cast.

Based on the book “Rain (Hudson Series, Bk. 1) by V.C. Andrews”, the message that “Rain” is trying to portray is an universal message of finding love in all families. It’s a positive message but the background actors struggled to keep up with the starring cast. You have some iconic Hollywood actors with other actors that have rarely been seen. The differences between the talent levels are what hurt this film.

Brooklyn Sudano and the rest of the starring cast are what make this film bearable. Sudano shows an amazing singing voice and for the most part shine as Rain. She is a talent on the rise and given the opportunity will be a breakout star. With as much screen time she shares with Alexander, Loggia and Dunaway she keeps pace with them.

Faye Dunaway, Robert Loggia, Khandi Alexander are cast in supporting roles but bring Brooklyn up to there level. They bring talent that elevates an otherwise ordinary film. Every time Sudano is acting in a scene with them they elevate her performance.

”Rain” has a good message in the film. But it does have acting fluctuations. At certain points it’s hard to watch. If you are a fan of the top billed cast then I think you will like this film.

I give it 2/5 Gs.


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