shooter1.jpgMark Wahlberg
Michael Pena
Danny Glover
Kate Mara
Elias Koteas
Ned Betty
Rade Sherbedia
Rhona Mitra
Levon Holm
Tate Donavan
Justin Louis
Lane Garrison

R           124min           2007

”Shooter” is about an ex special forces sniper that is pulled out of retirement to help stop a presidential assassination. When he is left for the patsy he must face-off against a nationwide manhunt and the government conspirator to clear his name.

Based on the book “Point of Impact” by Stephen Hunter, it’s a smart action thriller. The plot is plausible. Mark Wahlberg is the thinking-man hero. The supporting is excellent mixture of talented veterans and fresh faces.

”Shooter” one of the better action films of 2007. Not knowing how much was lifted from the book this is a intelligent action thriller. The cat and mouse game, and the twist in the plot are what make this film as good as it is. You know the hero is coming out on top be its interesting to see how he does it. Throughout this film I believed that this could happen.

Mark Wahlberg turns in another great performance as a thinking-man’s hero. Bob Lee Swagger does just brawn he use he head and investigates the situation he is in. You truly believe that Wahlberg is an ex Special Forces sniper. He’s an action star of the new millennium.

Not to be out done by its star, ”Shooter” has an outstanding supporting cast. Ned Betty and Danny Glover turn in great performances at morally corrupt Senator and Colonel. Michael Pena and Kate Mara are good as an FBI agent that believes Swagger’s story and his ex-partners widow. Rounding out this supporting cast is Elias Koteas as the slightly mental henchman.

The DVD is very slim on features. There is a making of featurette. There is a featurette on shooting at ‘Independence Hall’. There are a few deleted scenes that in my opinion some should have been left in. It has movie previews for “Zodiac” and “Black Snake Moan”.

I give it 5/5 Gs.


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