norbit.jpgEddie Murphy
Thandie Newton
Eddie Griffin
Katt Williams
Terry Crews
Clifton Powell
Mighty Rasta
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Marlon Wayans

PG13           102min           2007

”Norbit” is another comedy brainchild from Eddie Murphy and his brother Charlie. Norbit a orphan raised in an orphanage run by a Chinese man played buy Murphy grows up to be an introvert by oppressive and nasty Rasputia also played by Murphy. When his childhood sweet comes back into his life it break Norbit out of his shell.

Although this is a film that is supposed to be funny I found this film to be one of the worst film I have seen. The magic that Murphy found with the Nutty Professor is definitely lost from this film. The characters he plays are not original. Rasputia is a nasty character that should never been brought to the silver screen.

”Norbit” has a few funny moments but this doesn’t make up for who unimaginative and how stereotypical most of the characters are. The story is so over the top that its nowhere believable and for the most part not funny. Norbit is too goofy and too much of an introvert that its no where conceivable that Thandie Newton’s character would ever fall for him.

This film has the patented multi-characters played by Murphy. The things that makes Murphy’s Nutty Professor so widely accepted is that they are rich and playful and have heart but the ones in ”Norbit” are one dimensional and too stereotypical. The characters, for the most part, are villainous and vile, with no redeeming qualities and a pain to watch.

Rasputia is at the top of the list of why this movie is so bad. This character is offensive to not just overweight people but to all. You never know if she is nasty and vile because she is overweight or if she is nasty and vile and happens to be overweight. She is a character that the movies industry could have done without.

Overall ”Norbit” has funny moments but that doesn’t make up for the rest of this film. The characters are one-dimensional, over the top and stereotypically offensive. The plot was improbable at best. The one shining point of this film is that it has some outstanding makeup and special effects.

I give it 1/5 Gs.


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