“Catch and Release”

catchandrelease.jpgJennifer Garner
Timothy Olyphant
Kevin Smith
Sam Jaeger
Juliette Lewis
Joshua Friesen
Fiona Shaw

PG13           124min           2006

”Catch & Release”is about a woman who’s fiancée dies on the eve of their wedding and after his death she discovers that her ideal life that she thought she had with her fiancée is all a allusion.

In a departure from her recent outings Jennifer Garner tries her hand at a regular romantic comedy. It’s a film that America likes to see her in. Susannah Grant, the director, assembled a great supporting cast that makes this film believable. It’s a film that is instantly relatable to the audience.

Jennifer Garner, best known, as Sidney Bristow on Alias, and recently seen in “13 Going On 30 (Special Edition)”stars as Gray Wheeler. A woman who’s world is turned upside down after the death of her fiancée, finds herself living with his best friends, and trying to put her life back together. It’s a part that she easily falls into and is instantly believable. Her hometown presents come shine through in her performance.

Grant assembled actors that are believable as friends of fiancée that is never seen throughout the film. You believe that what is left are friends and family grieving his lost and looking for anything to hold on too. Kevin Smith is in a rarified form playing a character other than ‘Silent Bob’ is Sam and Sam Jaeger is Fritz. This makes ”Catch & Release” an entertaining and relatable film.

The DVD features an audio commentary featuring the director & Kevin Smith and is more personally informational that film related. It features a few deleted scenes. It also has a nice picture gallery of the film.

Overall ”Catch & Release” is a pretty good film. It is instantly related and will find a wide range of appeal. This film is more about starting over realizing that everything in life is not so perfect as it seems.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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