“Kids In America”

kidsinamerica.jpgGregory Smith
Stephanie Sherrin
Caitlin Wachs
Andrew Shaifer
Nicole Richie
Chris Morris
George Wendt
Adam Arkin
Samantha Mathis
Charles Shaughnessy
W. Earl Brown
Malik Yoba
Julie Bowen
Rosanna Arquette
Elizabeth Perkins

PG13           91min           2005

”Kids in America”is teen comedy about high students standing up to the hypocrisy of a tyrannical principal. When Holden Donovan finds himself expelled for criticizing school policy, he enlists a diverse group of rebellious classmates to take a stand. With a hilarious brand of activism, Holden leads the fight against power-hungry principal Weller and the forces of high school hypocrisy. Based on true stories. – from the back cover.

This is a film that I understand what it tried to due, make a social aware teen comedy. It has the issues in place but it didn’t take the subject serious enough. The characters were never full developed and were more of a caricature of Hollywood stereotypes.

”Kids in America” took stories from socially conscious kids all across America and put them into a movie. Toward the end of the film you here from three of the students that the movie gleamed its plot from. The writer added some other issues facing kids in America. It does a good job of trying to represent the stories, but that’s where it ends.

It doesn’t take itself serious enough. The comedy is at the front of this film instead of being a byproduct of the situations. The director took the comedy in teen comedy a little too literary. The characters were never full realized it what hurt this film the most. Every character is a one-dimensional stereotype and there was so much potential with the cast that they assembled. It does have the longest kiss on screen coming in at just under six minutes.

”Kids in America” is a little light on features. It has an audio commentary featuring the director and the majority of the younger cast. It has a few outtakes. It only has three movie previews: “School of Life” feature Ryan Reynolds, “Phil the Alien” with Cilian Murphy, and “Confessions of a “Sociopathic Social Climber” with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I give it 2/5 Gs.


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