dreamland.jpgAgnes Bruckner
John Corbett
Kelli Garner
Justin Long
Brian Klugman
Chris Mulkey
Gina Gershon

PG13           88min           2006

“Dreamland” in the heartland of the New Mexico desert lays a trailer park named Dreamland, which serves as a haven for healers, mourners, and passionate romantics. Audrey (Agnes Bruckner) resides here with her father (John Corbett), who lives in an alcohol-induced haze, reminiscing about his long-departed wife. When she’s not nurturing her father, Audrey is encouraging her best friend (Kelli Garner), who is battling a debilitating disease, yet dreams of becoming a beauty queen. When an attractive young athlete (Justin Long) moves in next door, a love triangle ensues which forces Audrey to choose between pursuing her own desires or staying in Dreamland taking care of everyone else. – From the back cover

This an ordinary film almost on the point of bland with some extraordinary performances. It’s what is faced in real life on a daily basis. The story has the ambiguity of real life and that’s what makes it compelling.

John Corbett gives a great performance as a alcohol grasping at the memory to stay above water. At any point you feel that he’s going to slip and take his daughter down with him. It makes you feel sorry for him and find compassion with him and the situation that he has put his daughter Audrey in.

“Dreamland” is a simply story that is faced in life every day. Each side of pulling on Audrey has a valid pull but it also is of her own making. It’s a sand trap that’s forming around her threatening to drown her potential, as she is a gifted student. Her dilemma is something resembles more real life than fiction.

It’s more of a quiet film with a powerful message. The name of the film is the message it’s trying to convey. That people must be true to himself or herself and find their “Dreamland”. I think that will be the appeal of this film, that anyone can relate to this film. Everyone must find that balance of caring and nurturing everyone else dream and still having room for you to fulfill your dreams.

“Dreamland” tells a fictional tale could easily have been reality. It’s this reality that makes this film compelling. You finding a girls own the edge of adulthood faced with the dilemma of life. It’s this dilemma of finding and being true to yourself and dreams while nurturing your love ones too.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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