“Ghost Rider”

ghostrider.jpgNicolas Cage
Eva Mendes
Wes Bentley
Sam Elliot
Peter Fonda
Donal Logue
Matt Long
Raquel Alessi
Brent Cullen

PG13           114min           2007

“Ghost Rider” is based on the Marvel comic of the same name, Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stunt driver, makes a deal with a demon to save a love one and years later when the demon comes to collect he must become the demonic bounty hunter known as the Ghost Rider.

It wasn’t what I expected. It was campier than I would have liked. Nicolas Cage gave patented Nic Cage delivery. The story needed more work.

For an origin story I found “Ghost Rider” was too campy. The tone of the film was too light with many of the actors’ deliveries were too ADD. This movie could not make up its mind in what it wanted to be. half the actors were taking themselves seriously and the other half were making quips every five seconds .

Nicolas Cage played Johnny Blaze a little too jovial, for a man in his position. A demon owns your soul and he knew this for twenty plus years. A man walking in those shoes would be less of optimist and more of pessimist. He plays it flat, there is no difference, you could have taken which for me didn’t work for a character that is constantly living with this cloud over his head.

Eva Mendes one of the most beautiful actresses on screen but this character didn’t fit her. Even with the weak character develop this character was conflicted all around. Her character is heart broken when he leaves her and jovial years later when Blaze stops her in the middle of the road; and her sporadic delivers didn’t help this conflicted film.

“Ghost Rider” is a film that needed major work before filming. For an origin story it is the weakest of all the Marvel film, even weaker than “The Punisher.” The characters were never developed enough for you to care for them. Toward the end I cared more for Blackheart than I did for Ghost Rider and really wanted Blackheart to kick his butt.

Even the outstanding special effects cannot help this film; it left itself nowhere to go. I was left totally disappoint that it wasn’t better. I think I should have pony up to buy it instead of renting it; maybe the extended cut is better, anyone out there if you made it this far and you have the extended cut could you give the 411 in a comment.

I give it 1/5 Gs.


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