“High Crimes”

highcrimes.jpgAshley Judd
Morgan Freeman
Jim Caviezel
Adam Scott
Amanda Peet
Bruce Davison
Tom Bower
Juan Carlos Hernandez
Michael Gaston
Jude Ciccolella
Emilio Rivera

PG13           115min           2002

“High Crimes” is about what starts out as a case of mistaken identity turns into a case full of conspiracy as a highly successful lawyer’s (Judd) tries to get her husband acquitted of military court martial; to help and co-chair her husband’s case she hires a alcoholic former JAG, Morgan Freeman.

This was a film that I never watched and it goes to show that some film you can miss and know the entire plot. This was a very predictable film with no punch and it was almost boring. The only thing about this film for me that was watch-able was finding out, “how the bad guy is done in”.

Morgan Freeman just phoned in this performance. It was like his heart wasn’t really in this one. Maybe he knew the script was bad and did it for the money, I didn’t know but I expected more from Freeman and Judd.

Her performance was wooden, hollow and it hurt that her character was ill conceived. A woman that successful should never have been taken in that easily. Clues that were staring at her face she ignored. When she identified and confronted her husband she believed lies full of holes big enough to drive a Mac truck through.

The conspiracy concocted by the government is about as believable as there are bridges made out of gold. It was amateur on display something that the government isn’t in the habit of doing. Where suppose to believe that the government would allow and leave that many things to chance. Would do the moviemaker’s think his audience was kindergarteners?

From the opening credits until the end “High Crimes” is stumbling in the dark. You know where they were trying to go and do but it comes off a little out of focus. They never quite hit the mark. This is one that you only watch if you are a fan of the stars.

I give it a 1/5 Gs.


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