waiting.jpgRyan Reynolds
Anna Faris
Justin Long
David Koencher
Luis Guzman
Chi McBride
John Francis Daley
Kaitlin Doubleday
Rob Benedict
Alanna Ubach
Vanessa Lengies
Jordan Ladd
Max Kasch
Andy Milonakis
Dane Cook
Emmanuelle Chriqui

Unrated           94min           2005

“Waiting…” follows one day in the life of a fictional restaurant named Shenanigans where it focuses on a waiter Dean (Long) and the realization that he may have wasted the last four years of his life working here.

This is a film that everyone should see. Some will say that this is fictionalized but in fact I know that some of these things happen in real life. Some of the things that happened in this film my sister told me happened when she worked for a similar restaurant. Even before I watched this film I was weary of pissing off my waiter or waitress in restaurants.

The entire establishment from the wait staff to the cook are a nuthouse of functioning ‘mentally handicaps, see I used the politically correct term there, but Mitch explained it best with ”…it like being the smartest kid with down syndrome.” Its there insanity that makes them funny, it’s getting a behind the scene look at a world that is never seen by the public.

From the beginning to end you will constantly laugh because the jokes come at rapid fire. This is a full out comedy; not only does it come from the jokes, but it comes from the situations that happen and the actor’s skills. The actors cast shine in their parts, but Alanna Ubach standouts with her delivery and her character quirky. Although she doesn’t have that much screen time she steals the show every time she is on.

“Waiting…” has not easter eggs that I can find and it has a complete separate disk of special features. On the second disk is the feature with the director and producer commentating and writing on a tele-monitor over the film. The rest of the disk is just some cast scene specific commentary. Mainly it contains a bunch of features that talk about the film and the process of making the film from script to production.

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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