“The Girl Next Door (2004)”

girlnextdoor.jpgEmilie Hirsch
Elisha Cuthbert
Timothy Olyphant
James Remar
Chris Marquette
Paul Dano
Amanda Swisten
Sung Hi Lee
Jacob Young
Olivia Wilde
Autumn Reeser

Unrated           110min           2004

“The Girl Next Door” is about a high school senior (Hirsch) who meets the girl next door (Cuthbert) and the adventures he faces with her and his friends during his final days of high school.

It stars some of ‘Young Hollywood’s bright stars.’ To me this is a modern “Risky Business”, but with its own flavor. Just as ‘Risky Business’, “The Girl Next Door” will become a cult classic.

Emile Hirsch is a relative newcomer and with Elisha Cuthbert, they lead a cast that you may know their faces but not there names. Chris Marquette is seen on Joan of Arcadia. Jacob Young stars on All My Children as JR Chandler. Olivia Wilde and Auteem Reeser have had significant parts on ‘The O.C.’

“The Girl Next Door” is a more daring “Risky Business”. The both following the same major plot the all-American boy on the fast track to success meets a girl that uses sex as a living but with a heart of gold. They fall for each other and face difficulties on their relationship road. Both star relative unknowns in the leads but where they differ is that TGND has a more hopeful outlook.

Even though it has many similarities to “Risky Business” it has its own story to tell. Risky Business is a tame version of “The Girl Next Door.” The tings brought up in TGND were taboo when RB came out and American are less uptight about the sex they see in films. TGND takes more ‘risk’ than business did and it makes for a funnier movie.

Sex and the American dream sells and I think that’s why these themes and films will always be classics. Americans are always searching for the American dream of power, money and success; both movies deliver. Sex, which will always be fashionable in movies, is display in both but differently, reflection the changes in the society. ‘Risky Business’ displayed it’s sexual content more subtly, where ‘The Girl Next Door’ has it in your face, the normalcy in today’s cinema.

“The Girl Next Door” gives a tale that has been seen several times over the years of cinema, not as successful but just as entertaining. It displays some of the young talent that Hollywood has to offer. It is this generation “Risky Business”.

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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