“Supercross: The Movie”

supercross.jpgSteve Howey
Mike Vogel
Sophia Bush
Cameron Richardson
Aaron Carter
Channing Tatum
Robert Patrick
Robert Carradine

PG13           80min           2005

“Supercross” is about two brothers KC (Howey) and Tripp (Vogel), trying to make their dreams of racing dirt bikes a reality.

If you’re not a fan of any of the actors then it’s not worth your time to watch. Even then its questionable to watch this more than once. I can’t say that I hated; I was more just disappoint in the final product. I’m a fan supercross as were the moviemakers were too.

The characters were never full developed and it felt that the film was either hacked apart for timing or the script was incomplete. Everything besides the race footage felt it was thrown into appeal to the MTV generation instead of telling a story.

Its like they built the film around the race scenes and they were the main focus of the filmmakers. The amazing race footage can’t even save this film from being garbage. If they would have put a little more effect into creating more complete characters this film would have been a box office hit.

Having never read the screenplay I can say what the condition the script was in when this film was made but some one should have raised some major red flags. You can’t just puts some hot young actors and some awesome dirt bike riding on the screen and expect a hit. Maybe it read better on the page than what was shown on screen.

If there was more to this script and it was cut for pacing then they need to put it back in. It feels like a nice center up steak cut from the cow and served to on a cold plate. It has all the making of a great film but its prepare correctly; its just plain rare. That’s what hurt this film.

I give it 2/5 Gs.


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