“School of Rock”

schoolofrock.jpgJack Black
Jordan Claire Green
Veronica Afferbach
Miranda Cosgrove
Joey Gaydos Jr.
Robert Tsai
Angelo Massagli
Kevin Alexander Clark
Joan Cusack
Mike White
Sarah Silverman

PG13           108min           2003

“School of Rock” is about a slacker musician, Dewey Finn (Jack Black) that gets kicked out of his band, his best friend is about to kick him out on the street, and he’s looking for a new band to take to battle of the bands. When Dewey decides to impersonate his best friend Ned at a prestigious school, he finds the talent for his new band.

“School of Rock” is a film tailor made for Jack Black. He shines in this role as a slacker musician teacher student the world of rock and sticking it to the man. The talents of these kids are another thing that makes this film shines. It’s a feel good film and is enjoyable from beginning to end. “School of Rock” is a must for any music lover’s film collection.

Jack Black is naturally passionate about rock and it shows through in his performance. Dewey antics are miss guided by come from a place the heart. His passion for music is the passion that we want all our teachers to have.

The amazing thing about “School of Rock” is that the kids are actually playing the instrumentals. These are some talented kids to be so young. The excitement that these kids play and the transformation from awkward kids to superstars make this film appealing. Dewey imparts the wisdom of the rock generation upon them, Stick it to the man and live to play one great rock show.

“School of Rock” is a rock music lovers dream come. Showcasing so them most recognizable rock song. The songs chosen highlight the film and tell the story like a good soundtrack should. It’s a soundtrack that should be loved by most.

The DVD has two commentaries one with Jack Black and the filmmakers and the other is the “Band Kids”. There are feature about the film; an interesting is the one that follows the kids during their press junket tour at an film festival. The DVD also has a successful plea from Jack Black to ‘Led Zeppelin’ to use one of their songs.

I give it 5/5 Gs.


One Response to “School of Rock”

  1. Nathan says:

    He was begging Led Zeppelin for the Immigrant Song not Lynard Skynnard

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