“The Crow”

thecrow.jpgBrandon Lee
Rochelle Davis
Ernie Hudson
Michael Wincott
Ling Bai
Sofia Shinas
Anna Levine
David Patrick Kelly
Tony Todd

R           102min           1994

“The Crow”is about a musician and his fiancee are brutally murdered the day before there wedding on Halloween and one year later the crow brings back the spirit of the groom as an invincible avenging angel.

If you take this film at face value it’s an ok film but far surperior than any of its sequels. It’s a basic revenge tale and that’s all. What makes this film an instant classic is the tragedy behind this film. That the star of this film Brandon Lee died because of an on set acciedent that could have been prevented is just disturbing.

Knowing that “The Crow” was made in Wilmington and visitong the city several times, the world created by the crew is a dark, gloomy and unreconizable. I don’t know if its knowing that Lee died or not but everytime I watched this film the world these characters live in feels heavy and malignate. It’s a world where good has lost the fight against evil.

Lee performance is haunting and mesmorizing at the same time; its feeled with an playful anger that you would associate with a deranged psychopath. He captured the heartbreak, angst and rage that the character felt. His talent really shines through in this part.

Researching the tragedy behind the film, it’s said that Lee stated that there was a dread he felt around this character. That it was draining to play this part and that it was hard to shake this character when he went home. For an actor cut down at the beginning of his career this film made me think of what he could have accomplished.

Overall “The Crow” is the best in the series that has gotten progressively worst. In my opinion this is the only one to date that captured the message of the comics. Brandon Lee shines in his final performance. This film is to mature for children under twelve and for most thirteen and fourteen years old.

I give it 4/5Gs


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