‘Spider-Man 3’

spidermanblackreflection.jpgTobey Maguire
Kristen Dunst
James Franco
Topher Grace
Thomas Haden Church
Bryce Dallas Howard
Rosemary Harris
JK Simmons
Bill Nunn
Dylan Baker
James Cromwell
Elizabeth Banks
Cliff Robertson

PG13           140min           2007

‘Spider-Man 3’ is once again about Peter Parker trying to come to grips with the responsibilities in his life. This time around an alien symbiotic goo that crashes to earth and attaches itself to Peter bringing out his darker impulses complicates his life, by making him turn his back on the things he loves the most and indulge his ID personialty; not to mention there are eventually three villains for him to fight this time: Flinto Marko, who becomes Sandman, Eddie Brock, who eventually becomes Venom, and his former bestfriend Harry Osborn becoming the New Goblin.

As a fan of Spider-Man, I found 3 having an amazing story. This time it finds Peter having a harmonious balance with Spider-Man. Peter is happy with Mary Jane and excelling in college. Spider-Man finally has the city loving him. Everything in his life is great and he’s ready to take the next step in his life.

Sam Raimi brings some of the most outstanding action sequences to the screen even topping the ones in ‘Spider-Man 2’. The fights between New Goblin & Peter and Harry and Spider-Man are top notch fighting sequences. The action sequences are so well done I could even began to comprehend how many effects it took to pull off what was displayed on screen. They are a truly an action lovers treat.

The visual effects are, for the most part, flawless and just stellar. There are a few hiccups and they are noticeable. When the black Spider-Man outfits are a visual effect you can tell because the suit is too shine. The first time he has it on and lands and it cuts between the two it horrendously noticeable.

Sam Raimi did a great job of weaving more of the comic book history into ‘Spider-Man 3’. The introduction of Gwen Stacey and Venom did a great job of servicing the comic fans. It gave a nod to the comic in showing even though Peter is a ‘nerd’ he did have girlfriends and was a ladies. He gave a second-string villain in Sandman a more moving and engaging story, he humanize a trivial character in my opinion.

As this being ‘Spider-Man 3’, Raimi brings closure to some of the prevailing stories through out the three films, but never really concludes the film. It ends leaving you with a WTF moment, having you question is this the end? He found a satisfying closing to the Harry revenge story and opened the door to some other stories. But overall if this is the final Spider-Man then it’s an anticlimactic ending.

It wasn’t truly an ending to the questions that were brought of in the films. There is a prevailing story left to be told and that’s the wedding and marriage of Peter and Mary Jane. As a fan I don’t think Spider-Man should end like this, not after some of the most satisfying storytelling by Sam Raimi and company. To end this way would be an injustice to what they started with the first film, and I think that this will hurt the film.

Overall ‘Spider-Man 3’ is an amazing film with some of the most mind mesmerizing action sequences. It has visual effects that complement Spider-Man with only a few flaws that were bound to show up sooner or later. ‘Spider-Man 3’ has a story that is satisfying yet an anticlimactic ending to a truly pleasurable trilogy.

I give ‘Spider-Man 3’ a 4/5 Gs.


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