“Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut”

superman2rdc.jpgGene Hackman
Christopher Reeve
Margot Kidder
Marlon Brando
Ned Beatty
Sarah Douglas
Jack O’Halloran
Valerie Perrine
E.G. Marshall

PG           115min           2006

“Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut” is a representation of what Richard Donner’s Superman II would have looked like if he would have been able to complete the film.

It’s basically the same story told by that hack Lester with more of a tone of the first film. As a fan of the original Superman I never liked the second because of the things happening in the film. Richard Donner’s changes are better because they related to the character that we have come to love. Although it’s not complete and taken from several different sources such as screen test, its better and one of my top ten favorites.

To most it will probable be the same movie, but to me the changes make the movie significantly better. The things that Lester changes in the original Superman II change the fundamental character of Superman. Superman never had the power to disappear and reappear. And his outfit changing after he lost his power was another thing that I always disliked with the original.

Richard Lester basically tarnished what was the fundamental character of Superman. Being a Frenchman he didn’t respect the institution that is Superman and didn’t have knowledge of the character. It’s one of the reasons that most people will respect “Superman II: The Donner Cut” of the film. You should check out this film for that reason alone.

There are a few special features and one of the features is hosted by Mark McClure and explains the trials that this film went through to get make. It also contains a feature on some of the characters and actors. There’s a tribute to Christopher Reeve. Although it’s light on features they are ones that fans will appreciate.

Anyone that’s a fan of Richard Donner’s Superman will love “Superman II: The Donner Cut”. It’s not the complete version he would have put out but a representative of the version with the available film and audio that could be found and restored. If you’re a fan of Superman then you should see this film.

I give it 5/5Gs


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