“White Noise”

whitenoise.jpgMichael Keaton
Chandra West
Deborah Kara Unger
Ian McNeice
Keegan Connor Tracy

PG13           101min           2005
“White Noise” is about An architect’s (Keaton) desire to speak with his wife (West) from beyond the grave, becomes obsessed and with his obsession starts to break the barrier between life and death leading to supernatural repercussions.

This film is marginal good. I think this film isn’t really scary so much as it plays on peoples paranoia. Most television now a days goes to a blue screen when not signal is picked up or may its just mine. But if I did take something from this film is leave the other side alone.

There is a barrier between life and dead and it should not be cross but people want too anyway. It’s one of the reasons why psychics and shows like ‘Ghost Whisper’ are so popular. People want to know that there is another side and death is not just it.

“White Noise” is a cautionary tale about meddling with the other side. Keaton’s character need to talk to his wife lead to his downfall and were supposed to feel that it was tragic; I felt that it was stupid and he should have pulled back several times in the film.

“White Noise” became predictable after the architect’s wife’s death. The film maker never showed how he loved her so much that he would become obsessed with talking to her and that’s where the movie lost me. From that point on it was like it was just going through the motion of a scary thriller as I anticipated everything coming.

I give it 2/5 Gs


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