‘Last Holiday’

lastholiday.jpgQueen Latifah
LL Cool J
Timothy Hutton
Alicia Witt
Gerard Depardieu
Giancarlo Esposito

PG13           112min           2006

“Last Holiday” is the story of a shy woman decides to take a European vacation, after she’s diagnosed with a terminal illness.

A fun escapist film, that Queen Latifah imbues with a everyone vibe. Her character starts out being a shy under the radar woman, who realizes, after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, that she hasn’t lived. This leads her to drop everything fulfill her “dying” wishes.

The Queen shines in this comedy with the quirky pairing of LL Cool J, who plays timid salesman, and not the usual ladies man. Queen Latifah character Georgia Byrd is a person everyone should have in their life and if you don’t then you’re probable it. Georgia starts out quiet and meek, once she is misdiagnose she throws caution to the wind, and becomes, strong, confident, tells it like it is.

“Last Holiday” is a humorous comedy that commentates on people should strive for their dreams before its too later. It’s something that people struggle with everyday. In it humorous way its saying throw caution to the wind and find what makes you happy before its too late.

In Georgia’s European vacation she meets a cast of “characters” that need her help but also help her face things in her life that have held her back. When she thinks her time is running out she reevaluates her priority and the person she wants to spend the rest of her life as.

“Last Holiday” is just a funny feel good movie. Finding actors in out of type casting, that is a pleasant surprise to the viewer. It’s a film that you will enjoy because it allows you to escape your problems and enjoy Georgia Byrd on her journey of self-discovery, re-evaluation of her life, and fulfilling her dreams.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


One Response to ‘Last Holiday’

  1. mattgunn says:

    I expected this movie to be horrible, but it actually wasn’t too bad. Good review.


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