1114.jpgRachel Leigh Cook
Hillary Swank
Patrick Swayze
Barbara Hershey
Henry Thomas
Colin Hanks
Shawn Hatosy
Ben Foster
Rick Gomez
Blake Heron

R           86min           2003

“11:14” is about the lives of several residents of this town and their events that converge at 11:14 in a traffic accident. Reminiscent in its storytelling to ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Memento’ it has many interesting characters. This is a true indie film with Hollywood actors in the parts and they are not wasted. It has great writing and character develop.

The non-linear storytelling lends its self to the film. The way its told it references itself to give the viewer a better understanding of what is happening and what they are seeing. I took each section told at face value and it wasn’t until middle ways that the big picture came into view.

“11:14” has talented actors in their parts. Hillary Swank was shocking in this unglamorous and unconventional role; at first her high profile was a little distracting to me and took me out of the film until her character was developed later in the film. Overall this was a well cast film. It’s parts were better that the total sum.

Once you see the big picture you realize you how seemly outrageous this film is and how its these random events in life that lead to things like this. This film is a perfect example of the ‘Chaos Theory’. Events that lead to the craziest night in these people’s lives and the will never know how connected they are.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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