“The Guardian (2006)”

theguardian.jpgKevin Costner
Ashton Kutcher
Sela Ward
Melissa Sagemiller
Clancy Brown
Neal McDonough

PG13           136min           2006

“The Guardian” is a tale of a veteran Coast Guard rescue swimmer (Costner), losing his crew in a rescue mission, goes to the Coast Guard training base to teach new recruits while on sabbatical.

It’s a stirring tale that makes you appreciate the men and women of the coast guard more. It shows how grueling they are trained; how less than half make through the training. They are truly heroes just as much as the armed forces.

“The Guardian” displayed some stellar special effects. The photography of the ocean captured the beauty, majestic, mystery and danger that it holds. You believed they were in open one and the only line of defense to save the endangered sailors.

Costner and Kutcher complement each other on the screen. They are believable as Coast Guard rescue swimmer. Ashton Kutcher displayed why he’s quickly becoming on of the top leading men in movies. This was a passing of the torch for Costner displaying the strong mentor character to Ashton hot head new recruit.

Although the majority of the film is spent in the training facility, it’s never boring or dragging. Every moment in this film is telling the story. It showed the human side to just one aspect of the Coast Guard. This is an entertaining film that should not be missed.

“The Guardian” has a few delete scene and an alternate ending. So behind the scenes featurette, that shows the dedication and hard work that the actors went through to make this film as authentic as possible. It Also has a tribute to some of the rescuers lost.

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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