‘The Last Kiss’

thelastkiss.jpgZach Braff
Jacinda Barrett
Casey Affleck
Rachel Bilson
Micheal Weston
Eric Christian Olsen
Blythe Danner
Tom Wilkinson

R           115min           2006

‘The Last Kiss’ is about the terrifying things you face when you’re on the cusp of adulthood.

It’s one of those films that you have to either have to be there or gone through it to full appreciate this film, but its still entertaining if you have not reached it yet. It’s a drama acted but it gives you that hopeful escapism. Being in this age range I really related to these characters and came to care for these people and hope for their best. It’s not just their journey it was my own journey that I was facing.

The actors were perfectly cast in their parts. I felt these were my friends facing these crises and I rooted for them. Even though it was a movie I found hope in their journey and could see friends and I facing the same things facing these characters. They actors made their character compelling and made you care for them. You made not have agree with their decision they were correct for them and left hope in there decision.

The story in ‘The Last Kiss’ is such that it’s compelling; reaching adulthood is a scary reality that every young person has to make. They’re added pressures and responsibility that you face. It shows the real consequences of decisions faced in adulthood and the story leaves you to figure out what their futures are and how hopeful will they be.

‘The Last Kiss’ is compelling, smart, and engaging. You will identify with one of the dilemma faced by the characters in this film. It has terrific acting from the entire cast. It’s one of those films that can be truly appreciated by a certain group but enjoyed by all who view it.

There are plenty of special features. There are show great features on the DVD. Two audio commentaries: one with the director and Zach Braff and one with the majority of the cast. There is a behind the scene featurette. It also has a music video directed by Braff, gag reel and delete scene.

I give it 5/5 Gs.


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