“GridIron Gang”

gridirongang.jpgDwayne ’The Rock’ Johnson
L. Scott Caldwell
Leon Rippy
Kevin Dunn
Jade Yoker
David V, Thomas
Setu Taase
James Earl
Trever O’Brien
Brandon Smith
Jurnee Smollett

PG13           1206min           2006

“GridIron Gang” is inspired by actual events, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, plays Sean Porter, a juvenile detention officer, who decides to start a football program at his juvenile facility to teach his inmates, focus, discipline, self-worthy, to keep them from going back to the life that got them there.

This is an entertaining film that also inspirational. You don’t want this film to end. This movie tugs at your heart. It shows that juvenile criminal don’t have to be written off. That if you give them hope and some guidance that you can change the outcome.

GridIron Gang’ showed how a sport gives individual a new perspective on life. It’s a story of a man realizing that the system is flaw and striving to make a difference. How the right motivation can change a person for the best.

It showed that given the opportunity anyone could change. That once individuals are incarcerated something needs to be there to facilitate change or once released an individual will fall back into their old destructive ways.

‘GridIron Gang’ is just as inspiring as ‘Rudy’ or ‘Invincible’. It’s about one man striving to help juvenile criminals over coming the statistic and makes something of their lives. Its not totally successful but it is more successful than the national statistic. It’s these changes that spawn other changes. No one knows how there life will make a difference to other individuals

The DVD is loaded with special features. There’s an audio commentary with the director. It has four interesting featurettes, and some deleted scenes. There are also trailers for ‘Stomp the Yard’, ‘Ghost Rider’, ‘Crossover’, ‘The Messenger’, ‘Facing the Giants’ and ‘Rudy’.

I give it 5/5 Gs.


One Response to “GridIron Gang”

  1. Brittany Gillis says:

    Dwayne, you are so cool and your daughter is a cutie! I am Your #1 Fan! U R Soo Hot!

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