crank.jpgJason Statham
Amy Smart
Jose Pablo Cantillo
Efren Ramirez
Dwight Yoakam
Carlos Sanz
Reno Wilson
Valarie Rae Miller
R           87min           2006

‘Crank’ is the name of the drug given to Statham to kill him. This drug inhibits body’s process of producing adrenaline and doing adrenaline exciting activities, is the only way for him survive long enough to get revenge and say goodbye to his girlfriend, Smart.

Jason Statham is suit to play this part. He pulls off the off this outrageous over the top premise. You believe that he could be an assassin and that he really is that crazy.

‘Crank’ has a plot that is outrageous and crazy in the way it is shot. The action scenes in this film are over the top but they fall in line with this film. Only in this film could some of this scene take place. Once the action starts it only slows down for you to catch your breath.

It has the feel of a giant music video. It has jarring camera scenes. It has Psychotropic scenes. It like you are watching a film on drugs. I have no doubt that it would be a trip to watch this film while tripping.

‘Crank’ is on par with the rest of Statham’s film. If you like this one then you might want to check out ‘The Transporter’ and ‘The Transporter 2’. There not on many special features on the DVD, but the Crank-out edition is worth watching for the way they did it.

I give it a 3/5 Gs.


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