“Imagine Me & You”

imaginemeandyou.jpgPiper Perabo
Lena Headey
Matthew Goode
Celia Imrie
Anthony Head
Sue Johnston
Boo Jackson

R           95min           2005

“Imagine Me & You” is about a woman (Perabo) who’s walking downing the asle on her wedding day and finds love at first sight with the florist of her wedding (Headey).

I found it a cute twist on the romantic comedy. Being open to finding love in the most precarious places. Piper Perabo and Lena Headey are believable as two women fighting to do the right thing even though there feelings are overwhelming. Matthew Goode (Chasing Liberty) does a great job as the jilted husband.

I picked “Imagine Me & You” up because I’m a fan of Piper Perabo, but I found it surprisingly good. For a girl with a New Jersey accent she did a great job with her British accent. If you didn’t know she was American you would believe she was British.

Matthew Goode walked the line of his character believability. HE could have easily played him as a prick or wimp. You could understand his point of view from his portrayal of his heart –brokenness and understanding. His character is a minority as most guys would be irate at his woman leaving him for another woman.

“Imagine Me & You” has the widescreen and fullscreen versions. It has a commentary by the wirter director that’s very entreating. A few deleted scenes and a few trailers.

I give this film 4/5 Gs.


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