“The Covenant”

thecovenant.jpgSteven Strait
Laura Ramsey
Sebastian Stan
Taylor Kitsch
Chace Crawford
Toby Hemingway
Jessica Lucas

PG13           97min           2006

“The Covenant” is about the four sons of Ipswich, the founding families of a secret covenant of warlocks, and on the eve of one’s ascension, when his power become 1000s time more powerful, the heir of the banished fifth family returns for revenge.

This film is entertaining and interesting but the trailer made it seem there was more to the plot. It also felt more like a prequel to another film, like this was the back-story to another adventure for the ‘Sons of Ipswich’. This film could have used more money.

“The Covenant” has some much potential at the end of this film. An adaptation to serial, such as books or television, would help the continuing story of the ‘Sons of Ipswich’. I would like to see a sequel to this film and the way it ends left the door open.

It’s a good popcorn movie in its own right. The wirework was ok. It’s their physical manifestation of their powers, I have a problem with, I felt I was watching Street Fighter, with Ken and Ryu fighting each other. For that reason it made the action sequence feel hokey and comical, something I could look over because special effects need money something I guess they didn’t have. If studios are going to back a horse they should give a full commitment.

“The Covenant” DVD is a little bare on special features. It has no deleted scenes. It has one making of featurette. It has an interesting audio commentary by Reny Harlin, the director. It has trailers for “Stomp the Yard”, “The Messenger”, “Spider-Man 3” and “Ghost Rider”.

I give it a 3/5 Gs.


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