PG           90min           2006

“Barnyard” is the coming of age story of a transgender cow leading the farm animals after coyotes kill his transgender father cow.

This film was totally uncalled for and was done better as the ‘The Lion King’. The target audience, children, doesn’t need to know about upright transgender animals. The theme of it is a little more for adults. It miss represented itself.

If I were a parent I wouldn’t want my child to know about transgender until they were old enough to understand the concept of a transgender. Even some adults have trouble understand transgender. If they were suppose to be male then animators should have represented them as bulls as they did have some in they group of animals.

This theme was represented more maturely than ‘The Lion King’ and was a little too mature for kids. The comedy was a little more moronic that it needed to be. Its as if the writers just thought of funny thing to put in a dramatic tale to lighten up the movie. Its like two different movies are taking place.

It starts out as a comedy, about barn animals that walking on their hind legs acting human. Then after the father cow dies in turns into a revenge action movie with comedy added to lighten the mood for kids. Several times the Otis the cow has a chance to make the farm safer for the rest of the animals by killing the head coyote and doesn’t.

The film was thrown together to cash in to the growing popularity of animated film. This proves that you can’t just take a story getting big name celebrities to voice the animation and it will be good. The story has to at least have something to offer and ‘Barnyard’ doesn’t in my opinion.

I give it 2/5 Gs.


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