"The Prestige"

Hugh Jackman
Christian Bale
Michael Caine
Piper Perabo
Samantha Hall
Scarlett Johansson

PG13           128min           2006

“The Prestige” is a story of two magicians in a bitter rivalry of one-up-manship in a race of ‘Who is the Best Magician’.

You hear ‘The Prestige’ and it sounds unremarkable but this movie is a gem in disguise. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. This is no exaggeration. This movie is compelling and thought provoking. It has so many things happening all the same time. But just as with all magic tricks once its revealed it loses some flare and at the same time keeps you questioning the characters’ motives.

These characters take rivalry and demented to another whole level. The things that they do to each other are some times inhumane and insane. The answers to some of your questions are throughout the entire film. Some are in plain site and other are vaguely alluded to. A smart person will figure out some of the clues early on and others you will never be figured out even in the ending credits.

If you don’t like it is because it left you with too many unanswered question. This is one of the reasons I liked it. Watch again or debate it with a friend and you still will never have all your questions answered. I have never come out of a movie this satisfied and have so many questions unanswered. This is what makes the movie so entertaining.

The way Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale deliver their dialogue and the emotional state of the characters is key in this movie. This is some of the best acting I have seen from Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Michael Caine. This is acting at its best.

This one should be seen in the theaters. “The Prestige” should not be missed. If you don’t see this in the theaters you will kick yourself. Only blown up to 16 feet due you catch the clues laid out in front of you. It definitely should be up for some awards. This movie will not disappoint you.

I give it a resounding 5/5 Gs.


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