‘Step Up’

Channing Tatum
Jenna Dewan
Damaine Radcliff
De’Shawn Washington
Drew Sidora
Rachel Griffiths

PG13           98min           2006

‘Step Up’ is another modern take on the Romeo and Juliet scenario. Tatum plays a foster kid, with a gift for dancing, assigned to community service at the school after destroying property after breaking in. While doing his time he is introduced to another type of dance by Dewan.

It’s a cute tale but nothing spectacular. It’s been done before in ‘Save the Last Dance’. Some of the dance numbers done are better than ‘Save the last Dance’. But the love story was more fleshed out and more rewarding.

‘Step Up’ showed a little aspect of what an Art School is about. The dancing sequences are great what’s great about this film. To actually see the actors doing the dance is one of the highlights of this film.

The story takes a backboard to the dancing. That’s not to say that it was fleshed out. It’s just that the dance was the main concentration of this film. Setting up the film dance routine of the film.

But it’s the special features that shine on ‘Step Up’. It displays a featurette showing some of the entries of the ‘MySpace’ contest. It has the five individual videos that won the contest. It also has videos from Ciara, Chris Brown, and others.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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