Mark Wahlberg
Greg Kinnear
Elizabeth Banks
Kevin Conway
Michael Rispoli
Kirk Acevedo

PG           105min           2006

‘Invincible’ is the Disney dramatization of Vince Papale; From a bartender and substitute teacher in South Philadelphia to a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1976.

Having taken place before I was born it was a great tale to learn about. It gives a great tale of following your dream and them coming true. You away from this tale with a enormous amount of admiration for Vince Papale. It was a great tale in the tradition of Walt Disney and their underdog takes in sports.

‘Invincible’ is a great tale for about fight to make your dreams come true. With everything against Papale, he fought tooth and nail and was given a shot by Dick Vermeil. If the first lesson this film teaches is never give up on you dream, the second is that everyone needs someone to give them an opportunity.

Watching this film you can relate to Vince Papale because of the acting from Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg portrayed him as a guy trying to survive in the seventies facing his dream but never forgetting his friends and family. You will admire Papale because of that fact, where so many celebrities find fame and their dreams to forget who they were to begin.

‘Invincible’ is in that same caliber of ‘The Rookie’ and my personal favorite ‘Rudy’. This is a great inspiration film for anyone who has dreams of becoming a professional athlete. It shows hard work, sacrifice, dedication and opportunity make dreams come true. This film makes another fine addition to the Walt Disney tradition of underdog athletes.

I give it a 4/5 Gs.


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