id=Edward Speleers
Jeremy Irons
Sienna Guillory
Robert Carlyle
John Malkovich
Garret Hedlund
Djimon Hounsou

PG 104min 2006

“Eragon” is tale of, a farm boy who is chosen by a dragon’s egg — a discovery that leads him on a predestined journey where he realized he’s the one person who can defend his homeland of Alagaesia against an evil king.

Eragon is reminisant of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series and based off a novel by Christopher Paolini. It has characters with the British imagined names and tale of dragons, orcs, magic, dark sorcerers and kings. Filmed in Hungary it has scenes with the most striking landscapes that you forget to watch the movie.

Fairly well acted with a cast that features Jeremy Irons as Brom, Eragon’s mentor, John Malkovich as King Galbatorix, Sienna Guillory, from Resident Evil: Apocalypse, as Arya, Djimon Hounsou as Ajhad, and newcomer, Edward Speleers as Eragon.

It’s an entertaining movie for with amazing special effects. The dragon, Saphira, voiced amazingly by Rachel Weisz, is a stunning work of computer animation. If by design or not Saphira overshadows the picture with is majestic poses and movement. The effects makes you want to ride her with her power and grace; “Only a rider may command its dragon”.

Just as the movie starts to pick up it ends. Eragon leaves you with a WTF feeling. There are definitely sequels coming. If you have never read the book it does make you want to see more. Having at this point never read the books I was entertained. As is with most movies based on books I maybe disappointed with this movie.

I give it a 3/5 Gs.

Having now finished Eragon and its sequel Eldest; I’m disappointed with this movie. Its one of the worst book to movie translations. I stand by my review but it could have been so much more. Only have reading Paolini’s descriptive narratives do you realize that this film was too fast paced and skipped several major plot points that are crucial to the sequel.

If you have the time in your life to read check out these two books. They are part of a trilogy called Inheritance, with the third due out sometime in the future. You won’t be disappointed with the books as they are so much more engrossing than this film.

I would still like to see a sequel just to see how they recover from the bludder that the film makers made of this book.


2 Responses to “Eragon”

  1. Mr. Jackie O'Quinn says:

    This is a movie and I want to see. This is a great preview and very well written. Your writing style is definitely improving.

    looking to read more…

  2. karina says:

    I totally agree! im glad i am not the only one! i was so absolutely looking forward to seeing this movie because the book was great! But i was very dissapointed when i went to see it. It did not do the book justice at all. It did skip a-lot of parts, and just overall was not interesting and to hard for some to follow that hadn’t read the book. i had to explain to my friends what had happened. I am very dissapointed!

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