"Brick (2005)"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Nora Zehetner
Lukas Haas
Noah Fleiss
Matt O’Leary
Meagan Good
Brian White

R 110min 2005

“Brick” places film noir in the setting of high school. After receiving a note and a phone call from his ex-girlfriend and her subsequent death. Brendan (Gordon-Levitt) sets out to find out who killed and why.

I caught this as a preview during a DVD I was watching and was immediately intrigued. I was not disappointed. Brick is a movie of its own cloth and Film noir is not for everyone and instead of it setting in the 40s and 50s, it set in modern time, in a high school, with a language of its own.

The language maybe off putting at first or put close caption on. The dialogue is key to figuring the mystery and as the movie progress it will come to you. Written and Directed by Rian Johnson, he created a tale of mystery and fil noir that reminds you of something William Shakespeare might write.

As this is his first feature film he set a great foundation to his directing career. This film should not be missed. The DVD is a little bare-bone but the commentary is a funny thing to hear. The commentary runs a talk show host by Rian Johnson, the end is the funniest as Rian Johnson and Noah Segan imitated the producer, instantly a classic DVD commentary.

I give it a 4/5 Gs.


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