“Superman Returns”

Brandon Routh
Kevin Spacey
Kate Bosworth
Parker Posey
Frank Langellan
James Marsden
Sam Huntington

PG13 PG13           154min           2006

“Superman Returns” is Bryan Singers re-launching of the Superman franchise. It stars Brandon Routh as Clark Kent/Superman returning to Earth after leaving for 5 years. The world has moved on without Superman and it finds Lois Lane played by Kate Bosworth, a mom and a fiancée to Richard White, Perry’s nephew. The world also finds Lex Luther played by Kevin Spacey, free and looking to cause chaos to the world again.

At first I was skeptical having been a child when Superman 1 and 2 came out, that Routh wouldn’t be up to the challenge of playing Clark Kent/Superman. Others will play the part but Christopher Reeves will always be Superman to me. Christopher Reeves really made believe a man could fly. I was totally wrong. Br4andon Routh embodied the role. There are several moments in the film when he looks and sound just like CR. If you watch Superman 1 and 2 and then watch Return you will see what I mean.

The movie felt like a prequel for another film instead of a continual. I’m unclear as to Brian Singer intention overall I enjoyed the movie very much. Superman Returns with all its technological advanced special effects is straight I candy for senses. Hearing Superman’s cape ripple in the wind is subtle but makes this movie worth its weight in gold.

If this was just a prequel to re-launch the franchise, “The Death and Life of Superman” should be two and three. It gives a most intriguing story to be told and it would probable take two movies to do it justice. The story if followed as in the comics gives characters to use in spin-offs. Superman Returns is a great addition to the franchise.

I give a 4/5 Gs. If you like this then you’ll love Superman (1978) and Superman II: The Donner Cut.


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  1. superman says:

    Return to Krypton

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