Ozzie Davis
Albert Jones
Jeffrey Nash
Eric LaRay Harvey

PG           87min           2004

‘Proud’ is the true story of the only African-American crew to take a Navy warship into combat in World War II.

This film is sad that more African-American veterans aren’t recognized for their war efforts in America’s campaigns. It is also riveting even with its low budget quality. It features one of Ozzie Davis’s last performances. It’s a tale that should be pasted on to other generations.

‘Proud’ is a great African-American tale of overcome the ignorant stereotypes. It must have been a major showcase for African-American at the time. It’s something that should never be forgotten and should be taught.

The film showed another instant of American prejudice toward African-American. I glad that they were recognized in the end. But it also man me wonder how many more veterans fought and died for America and aren’t recognized.

The tales and heroics of Veterans should be taught to future generation so that they can remember and learn from the mistakes of the past. I’m glad that Congress and President Clinton got around to recognizing this soldiers for their bravery and heroics. The British fleet should also commend them.

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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