“V for Vendetta”

Natalie Portman
Hugo Weaving
Stephen Rea
Stephen Fry
John Hurt

R          132min           2005

‘V for Vendetta’ is a shadowy freedom fighter known only as “V” uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society in a future Britain. Upon rescuing a young woman, from the secret police, he also discovers an ally in her.

The fact that it was based on a comic book and the subject matter drew me to want to see this film. Having never read the comic, I found this film that stirred something dormant inside me. It reconfirmed to me how easily governments can lose touch and start to dominant the people.

How the people must keep checks on it government, lest we lose our rights. Patriots to their countries should what this and find relevance to their own situation. The government called V a terrorist. I feel he was a freedom fighter fighting to give people their rights back.

If you look at the political tones of ‘V for Vendetta’, they strike relevant in today’s world. This is the story plot that made me interested in this film and why it one of my favorites.

Hugo Weaving performance in the way he rattles off some of his monologue are a feature that should be awarded. Although you never see his face, his performance is mesmerizing and spectacular. Look at just his perform no one can be disappointed in this film.

Natalie Portman also gets a strong performance. I was too keen on the accent that she used but I did believe her emotion. It’s a world that me as an American would never want to live and its starting to take shape in America.

I give it 5/5 Gs.


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