“Take the Lead”

Antonio Banderas
Rob Brown
Yaya DaCosta
Alfre Woodard
Dante Basco
John Ortiz
Laura Benanti
Jenna Dewan
Marcus T. Paulk

PG13           108min           2006

‘Take the Lead’ is based on a true story, about a ballroom dance teacher motivating the troubled students in a school detention to make changes, in their lives, by introducing them to ballroom dancing.

A story about helping the “discarded” students find motivation, inspiration and hope in ballroom dancing. Antonio Banderas it the only person you can see playing this part. It a stirring drama with some amazing dance sequence. It an entertaining film that is over even before you know it.

‘Take the Lead’
is another tale of how someone takes it upon himself or herself to change the course for those students that are “discarded”. It is yet again another example of giving kids motivation to change and something to raise their self-esteem. When everyone else thought these kids were nothing he gave them something. It something that parents, teachers, and communities have been slacking in as of late.

Antonio Banderas is the only action that you can see playing this part. When you here what this movie is about the first actor that comes to mind is him. He is the only choice and does a good job in the role. Although he is the lead in this film the dancing its the star of the show.

What makes ‘Dancing with the Star’ so popular is what makes this film so good. The choreography is spectacular. You want to learn ballroom dancing. It shows the flexibility and the showmanship of it. The actors are believable in their dancing.

From the beginning you know ‘Take the Lead’ was successful because only happy ending are told in movie. This one is no different but what is entertaining is the journey that the students make during this film and the things that they have to overcome to see the light of day. It’s a dramatization of life that you will enjoy.

It has the standard stuff of featurette, deleted scenes, and trailers. It has nothing that stands out to make the special features original.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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