‘Stay Alive’

Jon Foster
Samaire Armstorng
Frankie Muniz
Jimmi Simpson
Sophia Bush
Wendell Pierce
Adam Goldberg
Milo Ventimiglia

Unrated           100min           2006

“Stay Alive” is about a group of young adults, into video games, play a video game that starts to kill the players as they died in the game.

The things I seen in my life lend me to believe in the supernatural and I rarely watch scary movies. Its more shocking than scary but it left me leaving horror video games alone. I watched too many horror movies as a little kid that scarred my psyche.

‘Stay Alive’ was filmed in Louisiana it has that bayou feel. It just has that spooky feel. Having never been to Louisiana, it does seem to be a spooky place from everything I’ve read and heard about the place. It’s the birthplace of American voodoo.

The most disappoint thing about this film, there is no clear ending. It leaves an ambiguous ending. It’s either harmless or will leave the world decimated without young people as in ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. If it was done to setup sequels then it was a poor setup and made me question the relevance of these characters.

‘Stay Alive’ was inventive in its story. It was more suspense than horror. It was predictable from the moments you saw the characters interact with each other and the characters’ reactions to situations were really unbelievable.

A few featurerttes and some deleted and extended scene make up the special features. The standard boilerplate stuff.

I gave it 2/5 Gs.


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