"Miami Vice (2006)"

Jamie Foxx
Colin Farrell
Li Gong
Naomie Harris
Luis Tosar

Unrated           134min           2006

“Miami Vice” is a grittier update of the 80s television show. This incarnation find Crockett (Farrell) and Tubbs (Foxx) drug running and blurring the undercover lines to bring down a drug kingpin supplying the eastern seaboard.

Those that loved the show may not prefer the movie. As a kid of the eighties and a post 9/11 world prefer the movie. It dramatized what the war on drug and what, even fictionalized, that those soldiers go through. This version is the one I would watch on television.

It was a good action drama, Under Michael Mann’s direction, Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell held their own. I didn’t see the theatrical release and cannot say what was added but I think the movie may have felt convoluted with anything missing.

The action in “Miami Vice” was action with suspense. The camera shot and use of hand-held made you feel that you were part of the action, which added to the suspense and kept you in the moment. Where it shines is that it feels more documentary that a movie. It added to the realism of it, just another case in these officers’ lives, going undercover in the war on drugs.

I give it 4/5 Gs. If you liked this you’ll like Rush (1991).


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