Justin Long
Jonah Hill
Adam Herschman
Blake Lively
Columbus Short
Maria Thayer
Lewis Black

PG13           90min           2006

‘Accepted’ is a comedy about a high school senior than doesn’t get into any college he applies to and instead of going to community college he decides to start his own.

It a funny film you enjoy even with the unbelievable plot. It’s so irreverent that you wish it were possible to pull off. Justin Long, of the Mac/PC commercial and Ed, stands out in this film of relative unknowns. It has all the comedic moments that make it just as memorable as the American Pies.

Every most high school senior are faced with rejection from a school, but at South Harmon Institute of Technology they say yes. Everyone is accepted. This is the college everyone wants to go to. Half the classes offered I would have taken. Then I wonder all colleges have to start somewhere

Justin Long leads this cast of characters that have comedic punch year ahead of their years. This cast did a great job of selling this movie. You believed these friends would get together and start a college, to get out of disappointing their parents.

‘Accepted’ gives that idea college experience with humorous moments. Not all the funny moments are in the trailer. Your constantly laugh wondering how they will pull the next crisis out. “Ask me about my wiener?” has an extended version on the DVD that is totally hilarious.

This DVD is packed with special features. The auto commentary is just down right funny. The featurettes get truly behind the scene and gives you the realization that it was a funny set to be on. The cast and crew were friends and had a good time making this film.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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