"Monster House (2006)"

PG           91min           2006

“Monster House” is the tale of the haunted house on the street. When D.J. kills his neighbor Mr. Nebbercracker he comes back to get revenge by inhabiting his house. Now D.J., his best friend Chowder, and a girl scout Jenny must prove the house is really haunted and exorcize Mr. Nebbercracker.

Everyone has known about the haunted house in their neighborhood. “Monster House” takes this tale and turns it on its head. This movie is fun and entertaining and keeps you laughing using funny situations. When Jenny enters the headquarters for the first time, her observations will have you laughing. Although the story goes out there you still take the trip. The big name talent didn’t over shadow this movie.

“Monster House” is about-facing your fears of the unknown based around a haunted house. The three main characters are in that awkward phase just before puberty, Facing growing up and losing that innocence.

These characters keep you watching because you want to know what there going to do next. The situations that they get into are funny and keep the plot moving; even when the story goes into left field you want to go along for the ride. Everyone has known something scary. These kids face their fear in the form of haunted house and decide to face it, destroy it and along the way forming a tripod of friendship.

Monster House had the voicing talents of Kevin James, Nick Cannon, Jason Lee, Steve Buscemi, Maggie Gyllenhaal. It’s the Voicing talents of the three unknown children stars that shine in this film. They imbue the character with the emotions and flare that you see on the screen. Some of this be name talent was wasted on the character and they didn’t out shine the three stars. When you figure out the voice behind the character its like finding a great prize in the “Cracker Jacks” box.

Overall Monster House is a great film because it’s funny and entertaining. The has a nice story about friendship, growing up and facing your fears. The “Hollywood” talent in this film doesn’t out shine the unknown actors and is a treat when you figure them out. It has something for everyone, young or old.

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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