"Cars (2006)"

G           116min           2006

“Cars” is an animated movie where the cars talk and have distinct personalities. When a up an coming arrogant racecar gets lost in Midwest American, he finds something that has been missing in his life.

Voiced by some of Hollywood’s top talent, a new marketing ploy from film companies, it an interesting story that I didn’t find interesting. The best draw for me was Mader voiced by Larry ”The Cable Guy”, and he was under used. The subject matter was a little to head for them and was done better by several live action films. This movie was totally geared to children with its bright and colorful cars.

Half the funny of these animation movies is not looking at any publicity, so that when I watching it I can figure out the voice behind the characters. Even with the voicing talents of Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, and Larry “The Cable Guy” could keep me interested. I felt that the performances were hollow, that they weren’t the cars by just voicing them. I didn’t feel the emotion in the voice that should have accompanied the action on the screen. But Larry ”The Cable Guy” did shine as the dim-witted “Mader”

This movie’s subject matter was a little thin for adults and the cars distracted the children from a boring movie. “Days of Thunder” is a much better live action version of “Cars. It just didn’t work for me and it can’t be blamed on me not being the demographic because I absolutely loved “Monster House” and “Over the Hedge”.

“Cars” was geared to kids using bright and colorful cars; as the title implies they were the movie. Made specifically to market something to children. This was made to make children want everything “Cars, toy cars, birthday cakes, and merchandise galore. This was made to be a money making machine.

Cars should have been a live action film. It has a thin plot gear to children not for the purpose of entertainment but for the “envy” of all. It had a weak plot and the voice acting was hollow. Other animation this year out shined this film.

I give it a 2/5 Gs.


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