"The Family Stone"

Sarah Jessica Parker
Dermot Mulroney
Claire Danes
Rachel McAdams
Diane Keaton
Craig T. Nelson
Luke Wilson

PG13           103min           2005

“The Family Stone” is about an uptight businesswoman accompanies her boyfriend to his family’s eccentric Christmas celebration and finds that she’s a fish out of water.

This is a hilarious eccentric family that is dysfunctional, in a good way. Even with all their differences that compliment each other and you can tell that they love each other. These actors together remind you of a family. They remind me of my family.

‘The Family Stone’ puts you in the holiday mood. It tells a timeless tale, with morality and just. The twist and turns this movie takes are what makes this film special and the reality of family. You love them, fight them and keep secrets from them.

The characters are well rounded and believable. Each cast member fits there role with in the story. I don’t know it happen but I stopped seeing them as actor and thought I was just spying in on a family getting together for Christmas. At the end I wanted to see more of this family. It made me nostalgic for the holidays.

The DVD special features are packed with delete scenes, audio commentary, and a few featurettes. The highlight for me was the recipe to the dish Sarah Jessica Parker tries to make for Christmas morning. I hope to make it for the holidays.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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