Harrison Ford
Paul Bettany
Virginia Madsen
Carly Shcroeder
Jimmy Bennett
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Robert Patrick

PG13           105min           2006

‘Firewall’ is about Harrison Ford playing a security specialist forced to assist robber in a heist of the bank that he’s protecting, with the robbers holding his family as insurance.

Its typical Ford doing typical Ford. He’s overcoming in surmountable odds to free his family. I believe the beginning and middle logic of the film. There was nothing original about this film.

It’s Air Force One without him being the President and not on Air Force One. He’s running around outthinking robbers who careful researched and planned this robbery. I find it hard to believe that he could out think these robbers.

“Firewall” is nowhere believable and that’s the flaw of this film. From the action Ford takes to the reaction of the robbers lead brilliantly by Paul Bettany. There were several moments when the robbery should have killed his family and didn’t.

The level of sophistication that these robbers displayed suggested they would have covered all their bases. The girls from ‘Sugar & Spice’ studied movies to rob a bank and did a better job than these robbers.

I gave it 2/5.


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