Suspect Zero

Aaron Eckhart
Ben Kingsley
Carrie-Anne Moss
Harry J. Lennix
Kevin Chamberlin
William Mapother

R           99min           2004

“Suspect Zero”
is about an FBI agent tracking is tracking a serial killer, who’s victims are more than meets the eyes and that this secret will lead them to finding the serial killer.

This film wasn’t what I suspected. I saw in a preview and picked it up. I was greatly surprised by this movie. Although it’s a slow moving is it a mentally chaotic intense film. The story was there but it felt incomplete and rushed. Ben Kinsley is stellar as a mentally trouble serial killer.

This is a extremely slow moving film. Although the film the agents are dragging their heels or one step behind. Its didn’t leave the FBI in high regards even though they got there man. It is somewhat satisfying, but is a stain on your mental senses.

Suspect Zero throws a lot of information at you through flashbacks, and newspaper clipping. The clues to solving each murder are there. Some clues are there but don’t make sense until the end. Some of the cut scene should have been left in to make some plot points clear and more apparent to the viewer.

For most viewer this may be above their head. Your like an outside observer with both sides and wonder how the FBI would miss so of the blatant clues by, the spot on acting of, Ben Kinsley. When glimpsing his side you see just how tortured he is, the mental restraint and collapse of his character; this one of the high points of ‘Suspect Zero’.

I give it 2/5 Gs.


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