The Skeleton Key

Kate Hudson
Gena Rowlands
John Hurt
Peter Sarsgaard
Joy Bryant

PG13           104min           2005

“The Skeleton Key” is a film about a hospice nurse (Hudson) taking care of a older gentlemen in a creepy house with his wife (Rowlands) in Louisiana and the strange occurrences that she stumps upon, where nothing is what it seems.

This film is a creepy suspense tale with a ending that made me laugh, which it wasn’t intended to due. It’s because of the reason given at the end that made me laugh. Then it made me wonder if this could really happen. Our world is definite with having concrete prove, not on believing. To anyone belief is a powerful force and should be discounted.

This movie takes the viewer on the same journey as Hudson’s character searches for clues to solving the mystery of the Skeleton Key. Especially in the bayou, known to be a hot spot for the occult, some mystery should be left unturned. Even if you don’t believe there are forces out there at work.

People discount these forces everyday because there is no proof, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That fear of the unknown is what this movie relies on and does a great job of conveying it. Miss direction and the slight of hands are use from the very beginning. This is a true suspense thriller.

‘The Skeleton Key’ builds the suspense and tension in you as well as the movie. In the end your relieved for the release of tension, overjoyed for the ending and disappointed that the ride is over. Whether you feel the ending is tragic or comical. It will be satisfying.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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