"Tristan + Isode"

James Franco
Sophia Myles
Rufus Sewell
David O’Hara
Mark Strong
Henry Cavill

PG13           125min           2006

“Tristan + Isode” is about second in line to the British crown who falls in love with the Irish princess who would be the future queen of Britain and their love affair that destroys the monarch and starts a war between Ireland and Britain.

“Tritan + Isode” is supposedly the real inspiration for “Romeo and Juliet”. It was neither compelling nor interesting. I disappointed in the story and acting. It was just painful to watch.

This film was a marketed on the basis of “James Franco”. The story was told even before you watched but nothing in it compelled you to watch. You didn’t feel that they passionately love each other. It was more that they were in lust with each other. Young children doing something that there parent told them not too.

I picked it up because it starred Sophia Myles, having seen her in “Underworld” and thought she was under used; I wanted to see what see could do. I wasn’t disappointed in anyone’s acting I was disappointed in the material that they were given. It gives Tristan and Isode no redeeming quality and uses youth as an excuse for stupidity. Not one character questioned their motives or stopped each other.

It gave you nothing interesting to hold on to. Tristan and Isode is a tricky film to pull off and on this they failed miserably at it. Several time during the movie I just stopped watch because it was just too painful to watch. How could two people be this stupid when everything and country depended on them.

“Lust” is a deadly sin and that’s just what they were in. If they truly loved one another they would have put the country ahead of their needs or even come clean. This film did accomplish on thing: Display affairs in a truly light. Affairs affect every around them and can destroy lives needlessly.

This tale has been told far better in “Romeo + Juliet” and “Titanic”. This film is to be seen only if you’re truly a fan of one of the actors.

I give 2/5 Gs


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