"Dreamer (2005)"

Kurt Russell
Dakota Fanning
Kris Kristofferson
Elisabeth Shue
David Morse
Freddy Rodriguez
Luis Guzman
Oded Fehr

PG           106min           2005

“Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005)” is a young girl’s ambition turns into a family dream to see a race horse that had a career ending leg break race again.

Dreamer is a nice gleaming beautiful film in a time wear Hollywood it about gritty, raw and too real drama. It’s a heart-warming tale about overcoming adversity and finding your dreaming. It’s a family drama that is beautifully acted. It’s a story for the entire family.

The root for this family too succeed, it’s something you want as much as they do. No one character is more important than any other and it truly tugs at your heart. Its not cynical or contrite as some of these family dramas can be. It portrays a real family struggling between success and family, living in reality or chasing after a dream.

Some of the best work from a child that is wise beyond her year, Dakota Fanning. It’s her star that shines in this film and she is the drawing attraction. She outshine her other costar. I think this movie was made with her in mind and it shows. As the movie is about the horse but its only compelling when is she on the screen.

Dreamer is film for the whole family. You cheer in the happy moments and cry in the sad. For some it gives them a good cry. As a family you can enjoy for the acting or for the majestic animals horses are. It made me appreciate how hard it is to raise horses. I found a new appreciation for the Triple Crown and just how hard is to win.

I give it a 3/5 Gs.


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