"One Last Thing…"

Michael Angarano
Cynthia Nixon
Sunny Mabrey
Matt Bush
Gideon Glick
Johnny Messner
Gina Gershon
Wyclef Jean

R           93min           2005

“One Last Thing…”
is about a young man with a terminal illness makes a unconventional last wish on local television, and his journey to fulfill this one last thing.

This story is about over coming adversity and fulfilling your dreams. He doesn’t let terminal cancer stop he from this one last thing. He keeps his head up and focus until the very end.

Cynthia Nixon and Michael Angarano are believable as a mother and son. Nixon portrayal as mother trying to cope with the death of her only child is beautiful and heartbreaking. Angarano as a dying teenager has some of the funniest moments, which just come from his situation. You really believe he is dying.

I’m not saying terminal cancer is funny, the situation that a sixteen-year has are funny. There are things and realities you don’t think of until you are dying. I think dying of something that’s slow and painful strips a person do to their fundament self. Things that most people consider important fall by the waist side. His perspective on life is stripped to his bare essentials.

‘‘One Last Thing…’ is a inspiriting tale of living with every breathe you have. The relationship between Nixon and Angarano are the backbone of this film. It’s a dark tale about a dark situation done with a sense of humor.

The DVD is pretty bare. It has one featurette about the behind the scenes. The audio commentary with the director is pretty bland a lot more informative than the featurette.

I give 5/5 Gs.


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