Milla Jovovich
Cameron Bright
Nick Chinlund
Sebastien Andrieu
Ida Martin
William Fichtner

Unrated           94min           2006

“UltraViolet (Unrated Extended Cut)” is about a beautiful vampire in a futuristic world that has to protect a boy, who is a secret weapon: the cure for all the humans transformed into vampires.

This is an prime example of how a studio can screw up a film. Screen Gem cut this movie down to 88min from the 120 min the writer/director had intended. They said it was “too emotional”. The crap that they put on the screen made me too emotional.

After watching ‘Ultraviolet’ I thought the trailer misrepresented itself. Then I read about what Screen Gem did to this film and it outraged me. It also explains why this film was Resident Evil: Apocalypse meets Terminator 3 minus Arnold, the machines are vampires and we’re supposed to root for the machines. Knowing that forty minutes of this movie was cut makes a difference to a film.

Let that be a lesson Screen Gem just because you’re the studio doesn’t make you GOD. Kurt Wimmer had an idea of what he wanted portrayed on film. You should have left it alone because this movie sucked.

‘Ultraviolet’, on the bright side, did tell a tale that was interesting in theory. I would have loved to see Wimmer’s original film; it can’t be any worst than Screen Gems. It was well done for an action film and the action sequences were awesome, but the story lacked cohesion and focus.

The DVD had nothing in special features worth mentioning.

I give it 2/5 Gs.


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