Dracula III: Legacy

Jason Scott Lee
Jason London
Rutger Hauer
Roy Scheider
Diane Neal
Alexandra Wescourt

R           85min           2003

“Dracula III: Legacy” is the second sequel to Dracula 2000, film back to back with its predecessor Dracula II: Ascension. Uffizi (Jason Scott Lee) and Luke (Jason London) go to Romania to save Elizabeth (Diane Neal) from Dracula. Along the way in this war torn Romania they face a TV News crew and rebels trying to curb the rising vampire population.

This sequel I could actually believe happening if it were not from its predecessors. This film was executed better and better suited the actors. This film was more of an action adventure with the villain, Dracula, than a horror film. The story stumbled in several places until it lost all footing in the end.

Dracula III: Legacy flowed better and gave you reasoning for the actors’ casting thin the previous film. Lee and London are a Riggs and Murtaugh pairing. They complement each other in this film. But the switch to a new Dracula was a little disconcerting, with flashbacks using the other one.

Where as the previous was boilerplate horror, this one was an action adventure. There is a lot more character development for Uffizi. Jason London acting stood out in this film as compared to everyone else. Although it was better execution it was still a bland action adventure.

Legacy still had some plot point stumbles and illogical moments, just not as many as it predecessor. The major plot I have trouble with is the movie is the ending. It left me with “Is that it?”. I don’t know why these sequels were made and I don’t care. They are a waste of time.

As. I asked myself what was the point of these films; I told myself, “I only paid a dollar to see it I really can’t complain”. If you pay any than that you will be disappointed. There are better horror movies out there.

I give it 1/5 Gs.


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